michael-bauzon-at-work Who Am I

Hi there! This is Michael. Whether you’re here by chance or for whatever reason, welcome to my site! My friend sometimes calls me “Kuatro” (number 4 in the Enneagram).

What I do 

I’m into art and training workshops. Twice a week, I’m teaching Painting and Advertising subjects. When I’m not in school, I’m either exploring in Mars or Jupiter. Oh, you’re still reading? Kidding aside, I enjoyed working with forward-looking and open-minded people. I’m on a mission to sow the seeds of creativity and to add sparkle to boring organizations and businesses. Looking for creative solutions for your programs? Or integrate powerful strategies and creative practices at work? I can help. Below are some of the clients I served. michaelbauzon-clients Take a peek around.  Who knows? We can work together–some time. Drop me a line. I would be glad to hear from you.